Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What's this about?

This blog is intended to be a space where we post our thoughts on things from a Mennonite-theological perspective-mainly peace and war, church and state/world, the "simple" theological/political topics we love to shoot the breeze over. We have been influenced by persons who learned under John Howard Yoder and believe that what the church needs is a renewed commitment to an "evangelical witness" which is public, social, pacifist, service-oriented and egalitarian. By "evangelical," we do not mean "American, politically conservative"; we mean we believe we have been given "good news" (gospel) to share with the world. (Sometimes the world will help us understand what "good news" means in a particular situation.) On the other hand, by "public, social, pacifist," etc, we do not mean "American, politically liberal"; we mean to point to a way of living modeled by Jesus Christ as shown in the New Testament. This is something that is visible, not simply tucked away and hidden in the hearts of the faithful. It leads and is an example through service, not through domination.

We will be cheating and recycling some of our seminary papers here (hey, we paid to write these things!). I have already posted one (a first-year effort). Hopefully we can share our best work, and hopefully all of it can spark some discussion and thought amongst the readers (all 2 of you).

Watch this space...

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Patrick said...

Our conversation over lunch today has gotten me thinking about liberalism and the many forms it can take. Look for a post soon concerning the evils of any liberal/conservative dichotomy and how we as Mennonites might transcend such polarizing labels without commiting the liberal mistake of reducing evangelical witness to social service, and without committing the conservative mistake of reducing evangelism to 'turn or burn' theology.