Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Constantinian Shift at Goshen College?

The Mennonite posted an article which I submitted to them on their web site. They chose the title "John Howard Yoder's 'irresponsibility'?" even though only 1/3 of the article deals directly with Yoder. There is so much more to be discussed surrounding this issue. I hope one that gets some exposure is the "worship" aspect. What I mean is this: The act of facing the flag during the anthem and placing the right hand over the heart ought to be seen as an act of worship. What other acts do we do or postures do we assume that are totally "non-rational"? When God is worshiped, people will stand for scripture reading, bow their heads, close their eyes, lift their hands, cross themselves, etc. These are all "toward God." I submit that something similar is happening when the anthem is played and people face the flag and place their hands over their hearts (according to the law). Is this not worship "toward the nation"?